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God's Word

We hope you enjoy the ministry audio recordings of recent sermons provided here in .MP3 format. Click on the play icon to listen directly online or click on the title of the sermon to download the audio file. It may take several minutes to download the sermon depending on your Internet connection speed.

   Sermon Topic   

September 2017

  The Conduit of Corporate Ptrayer September 3
  A Hand upon God's Throne September 10
  Getting More Grace from God September 17

August 2017

  F4 August 6
  Thinking about Grace August 13
  Even As I Have Loved You August 20
  A Call to Corporate Prayer August 27

July 2017

  Being Filled with the Spirit July 2
  Every Command of God is a Double-Miracle July 9
  Drawing Near to God July 16
  Renouncing the World July 23
  Nothing Between July 30

June 2017

  Pentecost: A Real Revival June 4
  An Old Testament Revival June 11
  Witnesses June 18
  The Wisdom from Above June 25

May 2017

  The First Step in Sanctification: Realization May7
  Revival May14
  The Normal Pattern of Revival May21
  God Revealing to Us More-and-More of Our Sin May28

Published: September 2017