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We hope you enjoy the ministry audio recordings of recent bible studies provided here in MP3 format. Click on the play icon to listen directly online or click on the title of the bible study to download the audio file. It may take several minutes to download the bible study depending on your Internet connection speed.

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February 2023

Common Grace Again February 1

January 2023

Abraham in Canaan January 4
The Redemptive Historical House January 11
Correct Correspondence January 18
The Cultural Mandate, the Great Commission, and Common Grace January 25

December 2022

The Overlapping Ages December 7
A Little Hebrews December 14
And End-of-the-Year Prayer Meeting December 28

November 2022

The Two-Layered Covenant November 2
A Very Long 3 1/2 Years November 9
The Trinity and Eternal Generation November 16
Under the Law, Freed from the Law November 23
The Scroll November 30

October 2022

The World Is Ours by Promise, but Not Yet by Possession October 5
Some Errors of Dispensationalism October 12
As We Await Our Joshua and David October 19
The Kingdom of God Conceptualized October 26

September 2022

Common Grace September 8
The Two-Layer Form of the Old Covenant September 14
The Two Kingdoms in the Book of Revelation September 21
The Cultural Mandate September 28

August 2022

The Superiority of the New Covenant August 3
The Old Covenant and God's Land Promise August 10
The Redemptive-Historical Transition from Old to New August 17
A People, a Prince, and a Place August 24
Japheth and the Olive Tree August 31

July 2022

Consecration, Certainty and Contentment July 6
The Very Last Events of Time July 13
You Already Have a City, a Nation, and a Family July 20
A Little Prayer Meeting July 27

June 2022

Finding Your Way Around Revelation June 1
Memorial Service for Sarah Chesney June 11
Why God Commanded Israel to Wipe Out the Canaanites June 15
The Beginning of the Kingdom of the World June 22
Blessing and Beast June 29

May 2022

A Brief History of Heaven May 4
Conquering through the Conqueror May 11
Love and Solomon's Harem May 18
One Person, Two Natures May 25

April 2022

Vision Cycles in Daniel April 6
The Sunrise Service April 17
The Cosmic Context of the Seven Letters to the Seven Churches April 20
The Intermediate State and Another Term,Too April 27

March 2022

Two Witnesses and 1,260 Days March 3
The Witnessing, Suffering Church March 9
Jesus' Sovereignty and Suffering March 16
Satan's Judgment March 23
The Symphonic Structure of Revelation March 30

February 2022

A Prayer Meedting February 2
The Altar of Incense in Heaven February 9
Cycles of Progressive Judgment February 16
The Olivet Discourse February 23

January 2022

The Meaning of the Beast January 5
Satan's Counterfeit Counterparts January 12
The Great Prostitute January 19
The Rapture? January 26

Published: February 2023