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We hope you enjoy the ministry audio recordings of recent bible studies provided here in MP3 format. Click on the play icon to listen directly online or click on the title of the bible study to download the audio file. It may take several minutes to download the bible study depending on your Internet connection speed.


   Bible Study Topic   

September 2020

  Jesus' Greatest Miracle September 2
  Wisdom and the Fear of the Lord September 10
  Why We're His and Why We Follow September 16
  The Truth of the Trinity September 23

August 2020

  Worship in Spirit and Truth August 5
  God's Love Is a Gift, a Commandment, and a Fruit August 12
  A Lion Yes, but Also a Lamb August 19
  The Importance of Motives August 26

July 2020

  You Have to Get Wisdom by Faith July 2
  Discerning God's Will with the Mind of Christ July 8
  Be Who You Already Are July 15
  Our Heavenly Reward: More of God's Glory July 22
  God's Wisdom and Ours July 29

June 2020

The Place of the Moral Law in Salvation and Why Our Church Is Still Closed June 3
Waiting on God June 10
The Purpose of Abiding Weaknesses June 18
The Big Lie June 24

May 2020

  Be Subject to the Governing Authorities May 7
  Seek the Things Above May 12
  Renouncing Everything May 20
  Consecration and Evangelism May 27

April 2020

  Gods Sifter: Satan April 1
  Thinking and Feeling like the Father April 8
  The First Gospel Proclamation April 16
  God's Goal for Us April 23
  The Logic of Thanksgiving 1 April 29

March 2020

  Jacob and the Lesson of Grace March 24

Published: September 2020