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October 2021

The Sabbath October 6
Message for Bill Dunn's Memorial Service October 13
Real Spiritual Warfare October 20

September 2021

Christ in the Garden September 1
The Garden in Eden in Context September 8
God's Plan for Israel September 15
Overcoming Temptation September 22
Realms and Rulers and Jesus September 29

August 2021

More About the God-Man August 4
Using God's Currency August 11
Two Profoundly Different Trials August 18
Saints, We're Also Conquerors August 25

July 2021

Seeing Jesus' Glory through Created Things July 7
Jesus Came to Seek and Save the Lost July 14
God's Best Reward July 21
God Chooses Those Who Are Saved July 28

June 2021

The Secret of Sanctification June 2
The Intra-Trinitarian Joy in Salvation June 9
Jesus Always Finds His "Lost Ones" June 16
How to Kill Sin in Your Life June 23
Seeing Jesus' Glory June 30

May 2021

The Broken Jar May 5
Salvation Is a Divine Achievement May 12
Why Jesus Ate with Tax Collectors May 19
Saints, Who Are Still Sinners May 26

April 2021

Sunrise Service Message April 4
The Holy Spirit's Sword April 7
The Pieces of Armor All Fit Together 2 April 14
Being Strong in the Lord Begins with: The Gospel April 21
Boasting in the Gospel April 28

March 2021

God's Wisdom and Christian Unity March 3
The Armor of God 2 March 10
The Armor of God: The Gospel 2 March 17
Rick Robinson's Memorial Service Message March 24

February 2021

An Exhortation, with Exceptions February 3
The 'Single Eye' of God's Greatness February 10
Imputation February 17
Three Unlikely Twin Truths February 24

January 2021

God's Peace January 6
Look, and Live! January 13
Power through Weakness and Suffering January 20
Trials: What They Reveal and What They Produce January 27

December 2020

Taming the Tongue: Having a 'T-Day' December 3
Real Faith Brings Light and Unity December 9
Real Christians Rejoice when They're Persecuted December 16
Obeying God Is Tri-Dimensional December 23
Our Real Sabbath Rest December 30

November 2020

Testing God Versus Waiting on God November 5
What Godly Wives Can Teach Us about Submission November 11
Shadows, the Sabbath, and Real Rest in Jesus November 18
Satan Inflates, God Deflates November 25

October 2020

God's Blessings Are Yours, Saints! October 7
Church (No!) Christ is Essential October 14
Seven Things about Our Church I'm Thankful for During This  Current Trial 


October 21
Three Misunderstandings about the Relationship between Science and Theology 


October 28

September 2020

  Jesus' Greatest Miracle September 2
  Wisdom and the Fear of the Lord September 10
  Why We're His and Why We Follow September 16
  The Truth of the Trinity September 23
  God's Great Shaking: God Is Removing Cultural Christianity September 30

August 2020

  Worship in Spirit and Truth August 5
  God's Love Is a Gift, a Commandment, and a Fruit August 12
  A Lion Yes, but Also a Lamb August 19
  The Importance of Motives August 26

July 2020

  You Have to Get Wisdom by Faith July 2
  Discerning God's Will with the Mind of Christ July 8
  Be Who You Already Are July 15
  Our Heavenly Reward: More of God's Glory July 22
  God's Wisdom and Ours July 29

Published: October 2021