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   Sermon Topic   

September 2020

  Getting Wisdom and Co-Ruling with Christ September 6
  How Are You Doing in This Present Test? September 13
  Keeping God and His Gifts Straight September 20
  The Trinity Shows Us How to Live the Christian Life September 27

August 2020

  True Worship August 2
  Union and Communion with the Triune God August 9
  A SPA Session August 16
  The Middle Duty of Meditation August 23
  Good King Josiah's Folly August 30

July 2020

  Wisdom in the Carpenter Shop July 5
  Be a Well-Digger July 12
  The Three Phases of Faith July 19
  God's Glory: Our Heavenly Reward July 26

June 2020

  The Logic of Thanksgiving 2 June 7
  Questions Answered from John 21:1-19 June 14
  Christian Freedom and Submission to Human Authority June 21
  Praying So Our Prayers Are Answered June 28

May 2020

  Putting on the Armor of God May 3
  A Little (Very Little) Prayer Meeting May 10
  Witnesses May 17
  The Meaning of Pentecost May 24
  Humankind's Deepest Problem May 31

April 2020

  The Preparation of Jesus for God's Kingdom April 5
  How to Know Whether You Are Really Saved April 12
  The Secret of Contentment April 19
  The Problem of Evil April 26

March 2020

  The Grace of Law March 1
  Consecrated by the Mercies Of God March 8
  God Building His Eternal Kingdom March 15
  Bringing Many Sons to Glory through Suffering March 22
  The Growth, Increase, and Expansion of God's Kingdom March 29

February 2020

  Jesus on Every Page February 2
  Theological Triage February 9
  Meat and Milk February 16
  The Pure Spiritual Milk February 23

January 2020

  God's Canon January 5
  God Gave Us the Bible 2 January 12
  Textual Criticism January 19
  How to Interpret the Bible Correctly January 26

December 2019

  The Bible: Our Supreme and Final Authority December 1
  General Revelation and the Suppression of Truth December 8
  God's Word Transforms Us So We Can Live Wisely December 15
  The God-Breathed Bible And Man-Breathed Ministry (partial) December 22
  Christmas Eve Message December 24
  How God Gave Us the Bible December 29

November 2019

  God's Strangeness November 3
  The Suppression of the Truth of God's Wrath November 10
  Transformed by God's Attributes November 17
  Jesus Is a Life-Giving Spirit 2 November 24

October 2019

  A Defense of God's Wrath October 6
  A Defense of God's Wrath 2 October 13
  A Defense of God's Wrath 3 October 20
  God Stores up Wrath October 27

September 2019

  Christian Freedom September 1
  God's Love and Redemptive History September 8
  Reformed Theology September 15
  Eternal Generation September 22
  We Believers Aren't to Fear God's Wrath, but We Are to Fear God! September 29

August 2019

  Love and the Law August 4
  God's Love Hurts August 11
  Analogous Love August 18
  The Dimensions of God's Extraordinary Love August 25

July 2019

  God's Love 2 July 7
  God's Love Qualified July 14
  God's Amazing, Affectional Love July 21
  God's Love Is Not the Same For Everyone July 28

Published: September 2020