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August 2022

  The Peculiarity of the Old Covenant August 7

July 2022

  The Final Form of The Kingdom of the World July 3
  Jesus' Two-Kingdom View July 10
  Ancestors of the Antichrist July 17
  The Kingdom of God Is an Inheritance July 24
  Understanding the Bible as a Whole July 31

June 2022

  What the Martyrs Know June 5
  Comprehending God's Love June 11
  The Two Kingdoms June 19
  The City of God and the City of Man June 26

May 2022

  Gospel Visions May 1
  Symbols for God's Word May 8
  Conquering: Who and How May 15
  The New Temple of God May 22
  Rejoicing in Suffering: The Final Beatitude May 29

April 2022

  Seven Vision Cycles April 3
  Overcoming Satan April 10
  United to Christ April 17
  A Letter to the Church in Needles April 24

March 2022

  Building God's Temple in These Last Days March 6
  The Little Apocalypse March 13
  The 70-Weeks Prophecy in Daniel Part 1 March 20
  Revelation 20:1-10 March 27

February 2022

  Overcoming the World February 5
  The Significance of the Trumpets February 13
  The Regeneration of the Earth February 20
  Sealed by God and Suffering for God February 27

January 2022

  Jesus' Main Instrument in These Last Days January 2
  Four Main Themes of Revelation January 9
  Why God Uses Symbols in Revelation January 16
  Jesus Is Using Satan to Sanctify Us January 23
  Inaugurated Eschatology January 30

December 2021

  The Beginning of the End December 5
  Jesus Exaltation to the Throne December 12
  The Necessity and the Blessing of Tribulation December 19
  Who Can Stand December 26

November 2021

  The Creation Mandate: Adam's Failure and Christ's Success November 7
  The Three Meanings of: the Sabbath November 14
  The New in the Old November 21
  Eden Looks Different Now November 28

October 2021

  Rest: Entering into Rulership October 3
  Christ in the Garden 2 October 10
  Living in the Two Kingdoms October 17
  History's Two Ages October 24

September 2021

  Satan's Big Lies September 5
  One Conqueror and Two Humanities September 12
  The End Explains the Beginning September 19
  The Tree of Life Explained September 26

August 2021

  The God Man! August 1
  God's Currency August 8
  Our Great High Priest August 15
  The Glorious Gospel August 22
  God's Sovereignty in Eden August 29

July 2021

  Seeing Jesus' Glory in Creation July 4
  Twitterpated by Jesus' Love July 11
  Rewards July 18
  Grace Underlies All of God's Rewards July 25

June 2021

  The Secret of Salvation June 5
  God Loves Us by Showing Us More of His Glory June 13
  Salvation and Good Works June 20
  Jesus Is Salvation June 27

May 2021

  Some Silver Trumpet Lessons May 2
  Jesus' Particular People May 9
  How Jesus' Death Saves Sinners May 16
  Two Calls May 23
  God's Effectual Call May 30

April 2021

  Faith and Resurrection April 4
  The Pieces of Armor All Fit Together April 11
  The Gospel and the Law April 18
  Ready to Share the Gospel April 25

March 2021

  The Armor of God 1 March 7
  The Armor of God: The Gospel March 14
  The Armor of God: Faith and Salvation March 21
  Salvation and the Wrath of God March 28

February 2021

  True Worship is Continual Worship February 7
  Real Christians Bear Fruit February 14
  Three Truths about God to Meditate on February 21
  God's Glory and Christian Unity February 28

January 2021

  God Is Making All Believers Blameless January 3
  Seeing beyond the Secondary Causes January 10
  Seeing beyond the Secondary Causes 2 January 17
  Don't Act Like an Ordinary Human January 24
  Another Crack at Romans 13:1 January 31

Published: August 2022