Chapter 31

The State of Humanity after Death and the Resurrection of the Dead

1. The bodies of those who have died return to dust and undergo destruction.1 But their souls neither die nor sleep, because they have an immortal character a, and immediately return to God who gave them.2The souls of the righteous are then made perfect in holiness and are received into paradise. There they are with Christ and behold the face of God in light and glory while they wait for the full redemption of their bodies.3 The souls of the wicked are thrown into hell, where they remain in torment and utter darkness, reserved for the judgment of the great day.4 The Scripture recognizes no place other than these two for souls separated from their bodies.

a subsistence; i.e., souls are not subject to dissolution
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2. At the last day, those saints who are found alive will not sleep but will be changed.5 All the dead will be raised up with the very same bodies, not different ones,6though they will have different qualities. Their bodies will be united again to their souls forever.7

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3. The bodies of the unjust will be raised by the power of Christ to dishonor. By his Spirit the bodies of the just will be raised to honor and will be made like Christ’s own glorious body.8

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Published: November 2021